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ST-EX-RT Speedlite transmitter with ETTL Wireless for Canon EOS cameras

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Place of Original : Guangdong Province China
Types : Flash Light
Voltages : 3.6V
Works with : Cameras
Certification : CE
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ST-EX-RT Speedlite transmitter with ETTL Wireless for Canon EOS cameras



1. on_camera Speedlite transmitter

Compatible cameras for Canon EOS with ETTL-II/E-TTL autoflash.

2. Radio Transmission Wireless Function

Exposure control system:E-TTL-II/E-TTL autoflash,manual flash,stroboscopic flash,auto exemal flash metering(only when the flash mode is set to(GR)

Frequency:2405 - 2475Mhz

Modulation system:Primary modulation:OQPSK secondary modulation;DS-SS 


Wireless radio ID:0000-9999

Slave unit control:Up to 5 groups(A/B/C/D/E),up to 15 units 

Transmission distance:Approx 30m(When there is obstruction,weather conditions, ambient interference would result in a shorter transmission distance)

Flash ratio control:1:8-1:1-8:1,1/2-stop increments

3. Power Source

Power source:2AA/LR6 alkaline batteries,AA/LR Ni-MH and lithium batteries also usable

Wireless flash shooting time:Approx.10 continuous hours,(when using AA/LR6 alkaline batteries)

Power saving can be set up in the custom menu standby time,during this period of time without operating equipmens into standby mode.

4. Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: Approx.67.4(W)X61.5(H)X77.4(D)mm

Weight:Approx.110g(excluding batteries)

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