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A ask: How to check for energy density of cell volume?
Answer: If the Li-ion cell is a type of INR18650 3.6V-2200mAh, its calculate formula is 3.6 x 2.2÷(0.9 x 0.9 x 3.14 x 6.5÷1000)= 480Wh.L

B ask: How to check for quality of cells?
Answer: * Li-ion cells testing passed by Separator.
* Quality testing passed by the Electronic testing machine system.

C ask: How to Inspections the Battery Pack?
Answer: Battery Pack must get repeatedly charged and discharged by Aging machine.

D ask: How to check for Sample?
Answer: Random Inspection passed by the testing machine. (testing items: Battery's voltage and capacity and data information).

E ask: How to storage for battery?
Answer: Storage the Battery current keeping on 70%~75%.
How to protect the batteries?
1. Current of Batteries keeping around 65% charging When you storage for long term
2. Do not fully charge or fully discharge your battery — Keep on charge it around 65%
3. Do not place with metals. It's best to storage in a battery case
4. Place your battery in a cool, storage to temperature is 15° C~25° C and humidness is 45%~70%. moisture-free environment which is less than 90° F (32° C).
How to shipping the batteries?
1. Li-ion Battery must be get over security tested by Security machine
2. Li-ion Battery obtained the Certificate of MSDS & UN38.3
3. Battery parceled an independent box and do not more than 10kg per carton
4. If the batteries were over than 100 watt, Please must be use the UN BOX to parceled your batteries before shipment
My questions?
My questions?
Why won't the battery charge?
Why isn't battery compatible with my machine?
Why does the battery fault when storage for long term?