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Q & A of lithium-ion batteries
A ask: How to check the Cell Volume Energy Density?
Answer: If Lithium-ion cell is a type of INR18650-3.6V-2200mAh, So the calculate formula is 3.6 x 2.2÷(0.9 x 0.9 x 3.14 x 6.5÷1000)= 480Wh.L

B ask: How to Inspections Material of Lithium-ion Battery pack?
* Li-ion cells testing passed by battery's separator.
* PCB testing passed by the Electronic testing machine system.
* Check plastics & stickers by Quality Check Department.

C ask: How to Inspections the Battery pack?
Answer: All battery pack must be repeatedly charged and discharged by Aging machine.

D ask: How to Inspections for Sample?
Answer: Random Inspections passed by the testing machine (testing items: voltage and capacity and data information).

E ask: How to the Battery Current storage?
Answer: Usually the batteries current keeping on 70%~75% storage.
How to take care of batteries?
How to take care of batteries?

1. Keep the Lithium-ion battery about 65% charged when you store it long term.
2. Do not fully charge or fully discharge your battery — charge it around 65%...
3. Do not place with metals. It's best to put it in a battery box.
4. Place your battery in a cool, moisture-free environment which is less than 90° F (32° C).
How to transport the Lithium-ion Battery safely?
How to transport the Lithium-ion Battery safely?

* Passed by Lithium-ion Battery pack Security testing.
* Passed by Lithium-ion Battery pack testing report for MSDS & UN38.3.
* Battery pack put in an Independent packing and do not pack up more than 10kg per carton.
* If the lithium-ion battery is over than 100 Watts, It needs to use UN BOX packing before shipment.